Are You Still Using Paraffin Candles?

Are You Still Using Paraffin Candles?

I have noticed through the number of Google searches that land on our What is Paraffin? blog, consumers are concerned about paraffin candles. This has been consistently evident for several months. I know that customers have told us they are looking for an alternative to paraffin.

When Laura from Beamsville ON contacted me after she received her beeswax Honey Candles order she had this to say, “The candles arrived safely and in good condition. I was very pleased. I have been so upset with the residue on my windows, curtains, etc. from burning regular paraffin candles that I was searching for a cleaner alternative from a Canadian source. I’m sure I will be pleased and be ordering more in the future.”

Lucia of Brossard QC had this to say when she received her candles from us, “ I find beeswax candles incredibly relaxing and my husband loves the smell. I actually bought such a big order to share with family members, since we all prefer them to paraffin. I have sent them a link to your site since I found your prices more affordable than other on-line sites.”

When I asked Lucia if I could use her kind words as a testimonial she replied, “ You can use my words as a testimonial, however, I wasn’t trying to be kind. I was just being honest. It’s so hard to find good quality products at reasonable prices and the service I got from Honey Candles is hard to find these days. I really appreciate the integrity of your business. Take care and I look forward to doing business with you again.”

are you still using paraffin candlesIn this photo Canadian beeswax candles Honey Candles® are on the left and paraffin on the right. I am very pleased that our customers, Laura and Lucia, value natural beeswax candles, as there is a big price difference between beeswax and paraffin candles. If it was all about the price everyone would buy paraffin candles. Actually beeswax isn’t as expensive as some people imagine because it is naturally long burning (no additives necessary) and doesn’t cost as much to burn per hour as you might think.

Obviously discerning customers are concerned about their family’s health and the environment in their homes. If you wouldn’t let someone smoke cigarettes in your house why would you burn paraffin candles? Some of the toxic ingredients in cigarettes are also released when you burn paraffin candles.  A study done by the American Chemical Society  concluded that burning paraffin candles are a source of air pollution in the home and they release known carcinogens.  Don't be fooled by declarations that the paraffin in candles is 'high quality' or that it is 'food grade'. Paraffin is paraffin any way you look at it. For more on what paraffin candles contain and emit I recommend you read What is Paraffin?

Besides being safe and natural 100% pure beeswax Honey Candles® are handmade in Canada by Canadians. So what's it going to be? Are you burning beeswax or paraffin candles?

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