Beeswax Candles at Your Wedding

Beeswax Candles at Your Wedding

beeswax wedding candlesIt’s June and this traditionally is the wedding month! More modern brides want a green wedding and that means choosing natural candles as their wedding candles. The only natural candle that you can be sure is not made of genetically modified candle wax or has fragrances or additives added to make it burn longer, is made of natural 100% pure beeswax. Alternatively, the majority of soy wax produced is genetically modified. Palm wax is an environmental concern because of where it comes from and paraffin made of petroleum is just not a natural candle. I strongly recommend that you check out this article that compares the different types of candle wax. It will help you to decide what the right choice is for you.

Another consideration of course is whether the candles will match your wedding décor. We have beautiful, colored beeswax candles in pillars, tapers and votives that will complement most wedding colors. We also have an off white that we call Pearl if you are more traditional. Of course for the ‘very traditional’ we have natural beeswax. Don’t be concerned about the color in our beeswax candles as we use only a minute amount of enviro-dye. For more information on enviro-dye.

Honey Candles has all types of 100% pure beeswax candles that would make the perfect wedding favors. We have beeswax candles in tins that work well.  You can design a label to put on the lid or have the lid engraved on an engraver. Brides have taken our beeswax tealights and votives and put them in attractive holders decorated with netting, paper flowers or ribbons with little cards. You are only limited by your dreams and imaginings!

We believe that you want only the best at your wedding and with a few ideas and a little inspiration your wedding will be wonderful starting with the favors you send home with your guests to the perfect memories you carry the rest of your lives together! Let yourself muse a little. Check out Honey Candles on-line selection of beeswax candles!

We think you will choose beeswax for your wedding candles!

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