Honey Candles Staff's Favorite Beeswax Candles

Honey Candles Staff's Favorite Beeswax Candles

I recently asked the Honey Candles production staff to share what their favorite beeswax Honey Candles product was. I loved what they had to say so much I want to share it with you. They have the 'best' candle burning tips too!

Marlie is our awesome beeswax pillar maker. She tells me she loves, loves, loves to burn pillars at home too! She burns them almost daily. They have a soft glow that’s comforting all year round. It means her cabin is cozy in the summer and even cozier in the winter!

Our beeswax pillars provide a great natural light while snuggling with your favorite book or enjoying a pleasant evening with friends or family! They make a perfect gift for any occasion. Marlie loves to pair a 3 inch round pillar with a set of taper pairs. She hopes you enjoy burning them as much as she loves making them!

Leslie is the candle maker in our shop that has learned to make almost all the different types of beeswax Honey Candles. Maybe that’s why she burns them all at home.  She says her new favorite are the taper pairs. She likes that they are available in so many beautiful colors. It allows her to mix and match and she loves that.

The beauty of a taper is you can make any meal into an elegant event and it will burn for as long as you need it to (12-13 hours).  Or if you just want to enjoy some quiet time you can light a taper, just sit long enough for a cup of tea and then put it out. As with all our beeswax candlesticks it’s okay to burn it a short time as it doesn’t require extended burning like say a pillar does.

"Try them," she recommends, "You’ll love our tapers!"

Wendy is our shipper. She has made beeswax candles for many years and now she packs and ships them to you. Wendy, like Leslie likes to burn all of our beeswax Honey Candles. But the one she really enjoys burning is the Column. Wendy has some tips on how to enjoy burning our Columns:

  1.  Have a good candle holder. One that fits the base of the Column so it fits firmly and won’t fall over
  2. If the wick is too long I trim it
  3. Light the candle and enjoy the sweet smell that the natural beeswax gives off
  4. I have my candle sitting on a good solid counter, up so children or animals can’t knock it over
  5. Check to make sure the candle is burning evenly.  A drafty location may cause issues with flickering and dripping
  6. Enjoy!!

There you have it - highlights from our staff on three different Honey Candles® beeswax candles. What burning tips have you learned from burning one of our Canadian made beeswax candles?  Tell us what you would like us to know about them. We'd love to hear from you!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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