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How Beeswax Candles 'Fit' on Earth Day

April means spring and the renewal of the earth. Earth Day falls on April 22nd as the days are definitely getting longer and showing promise of summer and more green growth. This is when we till our garden and dream about fresh tasty vegetables. I can hardly wait to say goodbye to store-bought lettuce and spinach. In some ways I feel my love for fresh garden produce and growing as much of our own vegetables as we can is likely my biggest contribution to Earth Day. It’s hard to say exactly how many years I have grown a garden but I know it has been 30+ years.

Besides the garden I am fortunate to have work that fits my view for the world as well. Honey Candles Ltd. where I work is mindful of the earth. They practice reducing, reusing and recycling and really do try to use minimal packaging. The most important thing Honey Candles does is to produce a quality natural product for consumers and provide meaningful jobs for their employees. Anyone who works here will tell you they appreciate working in a safe environment free of toxic chemicals. Nothing is more traditional and natural than beeswax candles. It’s worth mentioning just before Earth Day that Honey Candles also initiated a ‘Save the Bees’ program in 2010 that really got rolling in 2011 and continues to move forward. Honey Candles invites you to participate in our program to help fund research to rescue the honey bees in Canada and the United States. To find out more about the program and how you can be part of it read more here.

All of the above it why beeswax candles ‘fit’ on Earth Day for me. I really hope that you do check into the ‘Save the Bee’ program. There’s something in it for you too!

I wondered about the origins of Earth Day and did some research. It has been around since 1970. It will be 45 years this year!  I was very young when it started but it doesn’t surprise me that it was a movement that came from a time and a generation that was asking lots of questions about the environment and the decisions made by governments around the world.  To read more about the beginnings of Earth Day I would suggest this article about the history.

Communities around Canada have upcoming events to honor Earth Day. Tell us what’s happening in your community. What do you like to do on Earth Day?

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