Are You Looking For Something Different in a Beeswax Pillar Candle?

Are You Looking For Something Different in a Beeswax Pillar Candle?

Mar 31, 2014 By Pat Cattermole

beeswax candlesAre you looking for something different in a beeswax pillar candle? Maybe you have a summer wedding coming up. Our round beeswax pillars are very popular all year round and we have come to expect that. But more and more candle lovers are noticing our square pillars. Square pillars are unusual and not many beeswax candle companies make them. They are comprised of a higher volume of beeswax, which means they burn longer than round pillars and are a little pricier. They aren’t available in as many colors but we have classic Natural beeswax, Pearl, Forest Green and Burgundy Pillars in sophisticated square pillars.

You can mix square pillars with rounds if you prefer. If it’s a wedding or a garden party make several beeswax candles part of your centerpiece. Add some flowers and it can be stunning.  Pick a spot most sheltered from the breeze as all candles including beeswax don’t burn ideally in a draft.

Beeswax speaks volumes. It shows that you value natural and non-toxic products in your home. It shows that you understand that some things are more important than the cost. In reality, you may be saving money. Maybe you do not know this. Beeswax is naturally long burning and will out burn any paraffin candle (unless it is loaded with toxic hardeners). Beeswax candles will outshine any soy wax candle because the way that soy lasts a long time is to have elegant beeswax candlesa small wick that burns the wax very slowly with an insignificant light and flame. Beeswax has a strong amber flame, (it is important to remember to trim your pillars from time to time if the flame becomes too large). Beeswax will not go rancid as soy wax can. Ask yourself why most soy wax candles are so highly perfumed.  I believe it’s to mask the smell when they go rancid. The same could be true for palm wax.

Get ready for a great summer wedding! Or dress up your garden party! You can’t go wrong with handmade beeswax Honey Candles! Made in Canada. Absolutely NOT crude beeswax!

Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole
I had the good fortune to be hired at Honey Candles in the fall of 2004. Experience managing a small rural printing business and 15 years as an elected public school trustee has been a benefit as Honey Candles moves through the need for flexibility and the demands of rapidly changing natural products marketing. I am the Sales Manager and most likely to be the one answering the phone when you call. Social Media and blogging for Honey Candles has been a recent addition to my list of skills.

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