pure beeswax 6 inch tube candles in beautiful brass candlestick holders

Perfect Beeswax Candles - 6 inch Tubes

beeswax candlesticksHoney Candles makes a 6 inch Tube beeswax candle that is perfect for most any reason you have to burn candles. It is simple, functional and still elegant – just because it’s beeswax.

It’s perfect if you want to burn it a short time, say 10 minutes for a power outage and yet if you choose you can burn it for 5 -6 hours straight. It is very popular and we have several customers who regularly order this candle from us by the case!

Like all beeswax candles tubes are sensitive to drafts and burn best in a draft free environment. If they are exposed to fans, open windows and other ‘drafty’ sources they can drip. Otherwise they will be drip free. Do not trim the wick too short. Usually the wick will be self- trimming as it burns. A ½ inch wick is perfect. If the wick is too short it doesn’t seem to burn hot enough to burn off the melting beeswax that forms a pool on the top of the candle. The too-short wick becomes overwhelmed and wax will spill over the side forming a drip.

Just like all Honey Candles, the 6 inch Tube is handmade in Canada of 100% pure Canadian beeswax.Is the Honey Candles® 6 inch Tube the perfect candle for you? Check out which beeswax candle you should be burning for your style.

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