Avoid Buying the Wrong Beeswax Candle

Avoid Buying the Wrong Beeswax Candle

Have you bought something recently because you thought you knew what you needed and wanted? Were you disappointed to find out it really didn’t work quite like you thought and for your purpose it was wrong?

We don’t want our customers to feel that way about a Honey Candles® beeswax candle they buy. But truthfully if a customer calls me because they are having trouble with their beeswax candle or its doing something they didn’t expect it’s likely because they bought the wrong candle for the way they like to burn candles.

So what is the right candle for you? I’m not suggesting that the most expensive candle is necessarily the way to go. I’m not suggesting the cheapest either. Let’s discuss when and how long you like to burn candles for. Because the beeswax candle you buy has to fit your style.

Do you buy candles to burn at dinner? You are probably looking to burn candles for maybe an hour. All our beeswax candlesticks will happily burn an hour. They can burn just 5 minutes if that’s what you need in a power outage. So if you are looking for candles to burn for just a few minutes to several hours try a beeswax candlestick. The easiest to burn is probably a 6 inch Column but Honey Candles Tapers, Tubes and Bases all fit this category.

On the other hand if you are curling up with a book for the evening and plan on burning a candle for a long time, and by a long time I mean 3 hours or more, there are other candles that are better suited. A beeswax pillar must be burned for at least 3 hours at a time. This is so you create a wide wax pool that comes almost to the edge of the candle but does not burn through to spill the wax. A beeswax pillar requires some maintenance. You need to be prepared to trim the wick every couple hours. Watch to see if the flame gets high or it smokes. If either happens the wick needs to be trimmed. For proper beeswax pillar maintenance see this link.

Beeswax tealights also do well when you burn them for a long time. Indeed I find tealights best lit and burned until they are completely gone! They are almost maintenance free if burned properly. More on tealights..

Beeswax votives give you the best value for your dollar and they can burn a very long time. They are the cheapest beeswax candle to burn but MUST be burned in a proper glass votive cup. Like tealights they must totally liquefy. To read more about beeswax votives see this link.

In summary:

  • If you are burning candles for a very short time choose beeswax candlesticks like tapers, tubes, bases or columns.
  • If you are burning beeswax candles for a longer time you can choose between a pillar, a tealight or a votive.

One final note - if you are used to burning something other than beeswax be prepared for a surprise. Beeswax is naturally long burning. It will burn longer than any other wax – unless the other wax has a questionable additive to make it burn long like beeswax.  Better to stay with pure natural beeswax with no additives and a natural fresh honey scent.

Which one of these candles fits your style?

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