Are You Burning Beeswax Candles this Fall?

Are You Burning Beeswax Candles this Fall?

beeswax candlesWhen fall comes and days starting getting shorter we too change with the season.  Suddenly it’s OK to be inside more. Fall is a good time to start the process of readying ourselves for doing quieter projects. Like our ancestors before us who spent the long winter months doing all the things that didn’t get done during the growing season we now do the things that have been waiting for our attention.

Sometimes that might be a book that you have been meaning to read. It might mean a TV series recorded that you haven’t had time to watch. You might have something you have planned on sewing or knitting for a while. Maybe you have an idea for is a woodwork project.

However you spend your fall evenings they can be enhanced by burning candles. At Honey Candles we make beeswax candles because we consider them the best natural candle. Here’s why:

  • Beeswax is in its original state – all natural it is only filtered through a natural process
  • Beeswax candles are virtually dripless burned in the right environment
  • Beeswax candles are naturally honey scented
  • Beeswax candles are non-toxic and clean and purify the air rather than releasing pollutants
  • Beeswax candles naturally burn a very long time without additives

colored beeswax candlesThere is nothing like the light from a flame of a beeswax candle. It creates ambiance and has a glow that has been compared by some to the light spectrum of sunlight. Honey Candles has beeswax candles in colors perfect for your fall decorating. Besides Natural uncolored beeswax candles we use enviro-dyes to offer you Red, Brown, Forest Green and Tangerine. Honey Candles® has three sizes of pillars as well as votives, taper pairs and Fluted Spheres and Pine Cones. We will have a candle for you to complement your burning style. Not sure what candle is going to best suit you? It might not be what you think. Think about how long and how you like to burn candles and then read this.

I’m sure beeswax Honey Candles is going to help make your transition to fall this year very pleasant! Find us on-line

Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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