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Love Your Beeswax Candle

Valentine’s Day was last week-end. Some of you may have got beeswax candles for Valentine’s Day! Lucky you! How many of you received beeswax candles? Put up your hand!

Well I guess I can’t really see you raise your hand but if you have a beeswax candle my advice to you is love your candle!  That might seem a little odd but it is very important that candles get a little love too. They need to be maintained. Like a car, or a bicycle or anything you care about or depend on, a little maintenance will go a long way to ensuring that your beeswax candle doesn’t misbehave or embarrass you. You don’t appreciate it when your car leaves you stranded beside the road because you didn’t have the belts checked and one broke. Similarly, you won’t appreciate it if your taper candle drips all over your tablecloth because you allowed the wick to get too long until it broke off and burned a hole down the side causing dripping and a general mess, especially during a dinner party. But either way – you are responsible both for the maintenance that will prevent your car from letting you down and your candle making a mess.

Whether it is a tealight, a candlestick, a pillar or a votive - beeswax candles like all candles need maintenance. We have extensive blogs that will give you valuable tips to maintain your candle. Here are the links:

For beeswax candlestick maintenance

For beeswax pillar maintenance

For beeswax votives maintenance

For beeswax tealights maintenance

If you love your candle and give it the maintenance it requires and deserves, in turn it will provide you with hours of beautiful, soft amber light and quiet enjoyment.  You will find it is worth it!

Photo by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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