4 Beeswax Candle Sticks Made by Honey Candles

4 Beeswax Candle Sticks Made by Honey Candles

I often get asked what size are the beeswax candles that we make. We make so many different styles and sizes that is a difficult question but I will tell you about the four different sizes of candlesticks that we make because that is often what people have in mind.

We will go in the order of the photo, starting with the Honey Candles® 6 inch Column.

The 6 inch Column is a very handy beeswax candle that I recently named as one of the three best beeswax candles for busy people. It combines the best qualities of pillars and thinner candlesticks. The Honey Candles® Column is 6 inches high and 1½ inch in diameter. If you are interested in knowing more about this candle, we can show you the perfect candleholder type for this candle if you click here.

Many of us think of beeswax tapers as elegant and showy. This is certainly true of beeswax Honey Candles® Tapers. They are 12 inches tall and yes they are tapered. Besides the natural beeswax single Honey Candles® Taper shown, we have beautiful colored tapers that come as pairs. They are virtually dripless unless they are subjected to drafts. Whether it is an overhead fan or an open window the effect will be quick and dramatic. You will have a drippy candle. So it’s best to protect them from moving air of any kind. They will reward you with 12-13 hours of beautiful light. Tapers generally should have a ½ inch wick when you light them. Ideally the wick will curl and will be self-trimming. If you see that the wick is getting too long and may break off and slide down the side we suggest you extinguish the taper and trim it to a ½ inch. Then relight.

The beautiful versatile 9 inch beeswax Honey Candles® Base is sought after. The tapered bottom means it can fit in many different sized candleholders. The care and maintenance is similar to the taper. For more about the usefulness of the Honey Candles 9 inch Base see this article.

Lastly, we have our beeswax Honey Candles® 6 inch Tube.  The Honey Candles Tube is ¾ inch in diameter and 6 inches tall. It is the perfect little candle to keep around for an emergency. Like all our candlesticks the advantage of the tube in a power outage is that you can burn them for a short time. If you only need light for 15 minutes that’s okay, and it will burn 5 – 6 hours if you need it that long.

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All beeswax Honey Candles® are handmade in Canada with Canadian beeswax.  


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