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Glossary of Beeswax Candle Snob Terms

beeswax pillar candleThere are a few terms that most experienced beeswax candle users will understand. But if you are new to the enjoyment of burning beeswax candles there are a few terminologies that might be unclear to you. I have made a list of beeswax candle ‘jargon’ that the beeswax candle snobs in your circle might be using, There is a bit of an explanation and a link to more information about each.

Bloom is a whitish film or frosting that forms over time on pure beeswax candles.  Want to know more? Maybe you want to know about how to remove ‘bloom’. Find out how and why it’s true that Bloom on Beeswax Candles is A Good Thing.

Dunking is the best way to extinguish the wick of a beeswax pillar or votive. Use a hooked tool or something like a paper clip works well. Just take the tool you have decided to use to ‘dunk’ and submerge the wick in the molten beeswax. It will go out without smoking.  After you straighten the wick it will be full of beeswax ready to light again. More information about dunking is to be had right here, Are You a Dunker?

Enviro-dyes are what we use to make the vibrant colors in our colored beeswax candles that you love so much. Many customers ask us about enviro-dyes. We are pleased to say they are REACH compliant and none of the ingredients need to be listed in California’s Proposition 65 list of cancer causing agents. What does all this mean for you? You can read more at We Use Enviro-dyes in our Colored Beeswax Candles.

Hugging our candles? Well it is kind of way for showing love for a beeswax candle by taking care of it and making sure it burns properly so none of the precious beeswax is wasted. One way is to ‘hug’ your candle and Alecia will show you how at our article on Burning Your Heritage Drip Pillars.

A carbon cap or ‘mushroom’ cap will sometimes form on your beeswax candle.  We had a beeswax candle lover contact us and a blog was created on his observations about why a carbon cap will sometimes form on the wick of a beeswax candle. This blog has some insights and suggestions about ways to avoid or fix the concern, Candle Burning Tips From a Beeswax Candle Lover.

A candle snuffer is the preferred way (by a candle snob) to extinguish a beeswax candlestick. Don’t blow it out or it will smoke. There are bell shaped snuffers that work but we really like the pinch style snuffers. Here is an example of a ‘preferred’ candle snuffer, The Best Snuffer For Your Beeswax Candlestick.

A votive cup is essential for a beeswax votive to burn the way is meant to. It’s that simple. If you treat your beeswax votive badly by trying to burn it like a mini-pillar it will rebel and reward you with a puddle of beeswax instead of a beautifully burning candle. You can find out about votive cups here along with other types of recommended candle holders for your beeswax candles. Here’s our Candle Holder Suggestions for Beeswax Candles

Now you understand some of the key beeswax candle terms and jargon I hope that helps you to navigate through our website and blogs. Since most people love to learn something new and helpful I hope there was something in this blog for you. What did you find out that you didn’t know before?
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