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How to Burn Your Beeswax Candles Safely

beeswax pillar candleMostly I talk to you about enjoying your beeswax candles. It is so important to know how to properly burn them to get the most pleasure from your candles. This time, I am going to focus on the safety aspect of burning beeswax candles, because any way you look at it the word burning means fire is involved.

Before you start burning your beeswax candle check out previous Beeswax Blogs for info about the particular candle you have chosen to burn. Earlier blogs will tell you the ideal wick length, burning tips and in some cases the perfect candleholder for your candle. At the end of this article I will give you some helpful links.

  1. You have chosen your candle, made sure the wick is correctly trimmed if it needed it and the candle is in the right candleholder, now you are ready. You know how to burn it properly because you read one of my blogs or you read the instructions under the label of your beeswax Honey Candles® Pillar or Taper pair. Now let’s talk about candle safety.
  2. It seems pretty silly but I feel it is better to say it. If there are any labels on your candle peel them off before you light it. Even labels on the bottom of votives are best peeled off.
  3. Make sure there is nothing flammable near the candle. This includes any decorations, curtains, walls or furniture. Protect children and pets from burning candles. A pet walking by could get their tail in the flame of a candle burning on a low table.  Both flame and hot beeswax can be dangerous for children and pets. Keep burning candles away from them.
  4. Never, never leave a burning candle unattended. Even if you have done everything right, life is unpredictable. Always make sure the flame is completely extinguished when you are done burning your candle.

As promised here are the links to info for burning our most popular beeswax candles properly. Burn your beeswax candle safely! We want it to delight you!

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